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Our project managers will make free measurements of the object!

"Construction and design have a common purpose – to create the best version of each other”

Specialists of BILDEX company strive so hard to help the implementation of your interesting ideas and wishes.

We clearly understand how important "proper repair" is, as it affects your comfort.

We can and know how to:

  • conduct zoning,
  • complete the project of a house or apartment,
  • choose high-quality materials and purchase them,
  • provide supervision around the clock,
  • perform all engineering, electrical, repair, finishing, plumbing and other works,
  • and, most importantly, to transfer you a ready for life or work, comfortable and functional space.

We are able to create new: from the design project and architectural concept to commissioning.
Among our clients are the leading companies of Ukraine in banking, telecommunications, information and other spheres. We have a lot of experience and we value our reputation as a reliable contractor.

We work both by our architectural and design division, and we have long-term experience of cooperation with known design and architectural bureaus.

"High quality, uniqueness and commitment to excellence are our measures of value"

We perform all types of repair and finishing works that you can imagine – any complexity, in an integrated manner and high quality.

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We will contact you at a convenient time and answer all your questions.

    With us, you will construct a durable and properly technically equipped building without problems and troubles!